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Mosques in Manama

Al Fateh Mosque

Al Fateh Mosque туристік болып табылады Manama, Bahrain

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Пікір жариялауға
معاد كوزرو
16 April 2013
Maybe the best mosque in Bahrain
8 July 2013
The Best place ever, Soul relaxing ❤!
Hasan AlDoy
21 February 2011
For the History records, here have gathered more than ~400,000 Bahraini to say Yes to the King Hamad and that we are one.
Murtuza Hashmi
19 October 2013
A beautiful masjid! Worth a visit!
The Ritz-Carlton
22 June 2011
Look up and take a moment to appreciate the giant space above. This is the world’s largest fibreglass mosque dome, it weighs more than 60,000 kilogrammes and can shelter up to 7,000 worshippers.
Nour Abdella
21 February 2012
One year since the gathering at al fateh mainly for who are with and for the bahraini kingdom and government
Crescentrating Halal Friendly Travel
The unique feature of this masjid is its worlds biggest fiberglass dome weighing over 60,000kg. Also check the National Library & the Religious Institute for Islamic Affairs
3bdulhadi A
25 January 2013
A real traffic jam around it
Isa Almoawda
22 July 2012
For foreigners & tourists, they give a nice tour here where they explain a little about Islam & the architecture of the Masjid. Don't miss it..
Tamer AbdAllah
24 January 2015
Grand mosque is nice and I prefer to pray there along with my family
Ibrahim Mokdad
11 September 2013
Ask for a your tour inside...great info
7 September 2012
The Isa Cultural House next to the mosque is a great quite place for the students to concentrate deeply.
Imaduddin Mohammed
21 December 2012
Huge parking and only 2 ways out.
Fahad Khan
24 March 2018
Nice placr
Osama Zain
25 May 2016
A must see in Bahrain
Irina Sidorovich
10 January 2016
Fantastic spirit, very good guide!!!!
19 May 2012
تجمع تااايم
Sara Es
21 February 2012
للشرفاء فقط
Open hours
Mon-Thu-Sat-Sun 9:00 AM–4:00 PM

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