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Roman Catholic cathedrals in Berlin

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral туристік болып табылады Berlin, Алмания

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Пікір жариялауға
Best Western Central Europe
It´s worth paying the admission fee of 5 Euros. It includes a guided tour and admission to the cupola! Great views from the top!
21 February 2013
Did you know? Berlin Cathedral has never actually been a cathedral since it has never been the seat of a bishop. Well we don't care, we still love it anyway!
19 September 2011
The biggest church in Berlin, the Berliner Dom is a tourist favorite. You can climb up the dome to get a view of the city. Also check out the famous Wilhelm Sauer pipe organ inside. Entrance is €5.
Falko Richter
17 May 2010
Go up the Dom and see the city from the top.
16 August 2015
You should take a photo at the dom top... nice view
Kenny Vanelderen
9 July 2012
A must see for tourists. Beautiful architecture and you can even go to the top of the church and have a great view of the city
Terence Craven 
25 May 2013
Going on the roof is a must - it has great views across the city
David VV
20 April 2013
Outlook from the top
Horia Dragomir
27 November 2011
You get a great view from the tower.
12 September 2011
The admission fee is 7 euro for adults but definitely worth paying it.
mellow mood
26 August 2010
you must go for sure. on the top you have a beautiful city view
Jake Smith
7 July 2015
Head up on a nice day for great views of the city. Be sure to linger as long as you want at the top, and take a picture from directly above the Lustgarden.
21 August 2012
WOW. Hands down the most incredible building I've seen, inside and out. An audible gasp can be heard from everyone that enters.
Arnau Sala Soler
3 June 2012
The Berlin Cathedral has never been a cathedral in the actual sense of that term since it has never been the seat of a bishop. You can visit the dome and have nice views of Berlin.
Olga  Antonova
20 June 2013
Обязательно поднимитесь на крышу собора - вид отличный, не через стекло, как в рейхстаге;)!
Natalie Enokiantz
30 March 2014
Главная достопримечательность Берлина. Надо подняться наверх обязательно! Ощущение чуда!
Marina Brody
20 December 2012
В 18 часов по воскресеньям и праздничным дням проходит служба.В подвалах находится усыпальница Гогенцоллернов, а наверх можно подняться по лестнице
Ayçe Özcan
10 August 2013
Mutlaka görülmeli , büyüleyici
Alexey A. Krasnov
22 June 2012
В очередной раз облазил это здание наверстав упущенное - посмотрев усыпальницу Гогенцоллернов с 94-мя гробами-саркофагами, принесенными из других мест захоронения.
Eda ™ ✔️
Yine yeniden muthis gorkemiyle karsimda!
Open hours
Tue 11:00 AM–6:00 PM
Wed Noon–7:00 PM
Thu-Fri 11:00 AM–8:00 PM
Sat 11:00 AM–9:00 PM
Sun 11:00 AM–8:00 PM

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