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Lighthouses in Arashi

California Lighthouse

California Lighthouse туристік болып табылады Arashi, Aruba

Sorry, but currently we do not have detailed information about this tourist attraction called «California Lighthouse» in қазақ. If you can tell us something interesting about it, please do it!«California Lighthouse» туралы ақпарат мынадай тілдерінде қол жетімді:

Пікір жариялауға
Tyler Buser
8 January 2011
I love it there
Nick Quick
18 September 2010
Sit on the steps of the lighthouse and watch the sun go down (bring a glass of wine or a beer, while you're at it)
Sharlon Silvania
29 January 2014
Great view
Cynthia Rangel
25 July 2013
If it's a hot day, as usual, go to watch de sunset, and bring your camera! The landscape is great, but the lighthouse needs to be restored. We can't know inside.
Brian Seery
19 November 2011
Enjoy a refreshing coconut at the top!
Alerrandro Correa
3 March 2018
Wonderful spot for a sunset picture. Besides that, not much to do. Maybe lunch or dinner in the restaurant close to it.
Edgar Olórtegui
8 February 2018
Great beautiful view..
Ronny Oemraw
17 July 2017
Great views of the island and ocean
Recep Cag Kendircioglu
16 September 2016
Best views in the island
Samuel Kemp
28 August 2016
recently renovated
Jordan Shotwell
10 July 2016
Amazing views of the sunset and the entire island from here!
Rina Ricci
9 February 2016
In construction and repair..
D C🐧
30 May 2015
The view is pretty nice
tony rocha
28 May 2015
Come here to see the sunset.
25 May 2015
Constructed 1913-1915.
The Ritz-Carlton
11 March 2015
Views from the Lighthouse are at their best around sunset.
Kate Yan
26 November 2014
It's a lighthouse.
3 September 2014
Awesome scenery and great sunsets! Food on the other hand was decent! Expected much more for the ambiance
Mario Cordero
19 August 2017
Cuidado con el viento
Alex Ampuero Mallea
16 April 2016
Está reparación por estos dias
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