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Art museums and galleries in Vienna


Пікір жариялауға
Daniel Bachmann
17 March 2013
Brush your teath or they look like this and you wont be able to enjoy art anymore in this awesome museum!
Petsch Moser
3 March 2016
From Pablo Picasso to Andy Warhol and Franz West, the collection and special exhibitions represent a blend of tradition and experiment, past and present.
4sq SUs Austria
3 March 2016
Mumok is the largest postmodern art museum in Central Europe. Here, the various aspects of the international and Austrian avant-garde are made accessible to everyone interested in the arts.
Anya Baeva
13 January 2014
Don't lose your time guys. Contemporary art is really something different from what is shown here.
Elena Gorohova
11 May 2013
No Warhol at all - epic fail 👎
Inci Yilmaz
15 November 2013
This modern art exhibition about money and crisis is too and too and tooooo modern for me ;)
19 November 2012
Dan Flavin "Lights" - Visual sensations managed to start a fun game with the gallery space and give it a new life!
Anastasia Plakunenko
26 January 2012
Nice collection, be prepared to spend at least 2 hours here. Very well organised museum, one of the best
Jindra Bučan
11 September 2014
I love the shop, it's really different from the other museum shops. The museum is only for fans of modern art so don't expect something else and then be unhappy.
Ekaterina Gromykhina
25 January 2014
You can save an Euro on wardrobe if you put your clothes on the locker 😁
Brunold Loidl
11 July 2013
Free wifi - no password - just accept rules
Dan Evt
9 September 2012
Nice building, but quite poor collection. Incomparable to nice museums of other European capitals. Better see a more classical places in Vienna.
Kalliopi Louloudi
23 December 2011
4th floor is great,the rest so so...make sure to see the Picasso and warhol
Jan Sichermann
3 November 2011
Ride the elevator up, grab an exhibition brochure and work your way down to -3
Adam Nowek
2 November 2015
Really striking architecture and interesting modern art exhibits. Students get 4€ off the entry price.
26 October 2014
It depends on the exhibition. I caught Cosima von Bonin and it was a highlight of my trip.
Yulia Egorova
10 December 2013
Это самая бездарная трата денег.
Каменный Зайчик
Архитектура снаружи вполне адекватно репрезентует то, что внутри )
Sophie Abramochkina
3 January 2014
Без употребления психотропных веществ понять данные инсталляции невозможно.
20 September 2014
Изучите сначала экспозиции по интернету, потому что тут очень на любителя могут оказаться экспонаты!
Open hours
Mon 2:00 PM–7:00 PM
Tue-Wed-Fri-Sun 10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Thu 10:00 AM–9:00 PM

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