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Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park туристік болып табылады Curry Village, United States

Sorry, but currently we do not have detailed information about this tourist attraction called «Yosemite National Park» in қазақ. If you can tell us something interesting about it, please do it!«Yosemite National Park» туралы ақпарат мынадай тілдерінде қол жетімді:

Пікір жариялауға
National Wildlife Federation
A hike along the Gaylor Lakes Trail offers possible encounters with some wonderful critters: the pika and the annual spring love songs of the Yosemite toad and Pacific chorus frogs. -Beth Pratt (NWF)
11 February 2014
Fiery red liquid tumbling down El Capitan - a breath taking spectacle! You can see this optical illusion only for 2 weeks in February. The setting sun is reflected by the granite behind the waterfall…
26 August 2010
Yosemite is one of the largest and least fragmented habitat blocks in the Sierra Nevada. In 1855, entrepreneur James Mason Hutchings & artist Thomas Ayres were the first to tour the area.
Ashlin Aronin
8 August 2010
Be careful, speeding kills bears
James Hicks
13 June 2011
Awe inspiring
Quart K
15 June 2012
Home to Half Dome, Sequoias, & gorgeous waterfalls, this area is unbelievable! You truly must take a day to hike and tour this national park!
G.R. Medina
17 March 2012
Climb Half Dome. It's pretty.
Carol Smith
10 February 2012
One of the best parks in the world! Come off season to enjoy the quiet.
7 August 2012
The falls are beautiful
Carla Jean
8 December 2011
The Ultimate Trip For The Outdoor Enthusiast!! Camping, Hiking, Rafting & Climbing!! Seeing Yosemite Falls Is UNFORGETTABLE!! It's The TALLEST & Most BEAUTIFUL Waterfall In The United States!!
Wendy C
5 July 2011
In the summer, make the effort to start your hike early! You miss the crowds & high temps later on! You'll be so glad when you're coming down and ppl are just starting! Bring more H2O than you need!!!
26 September 2014
The hike on Four Mile Trail from Yosemite Valley to the top of Glacier Point takes about 3-4 hours each way. If you’re looking for something a bit tougher, the Panorama Trail is about twice as long.
Mussette King
2 July 2012
Make sure to bring Dramamine if you get road sickness. This has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Gleb Tarro
21 April 2012
Make sure Tioga Pass is open before you plan your rout.
6 September 2011
Exploring this natural wonder in one day is tough! Get some exercise hiking, biking or through a guided tour and teach your kids to nurture nature by volunteering as a family.
Matt Dubman
27 June 2011
Climb Half Dome!!! Long, Rough an tough but worth it!!
Jeffrey Behm
1 June 2011
Great day hikes! Bring plenty of water and a camera.
Fitness Magazine
15 December 2010
There are 800 miles worth of hiking trails in Yosemite National Park! A national park is the ultimate fitness playground.
Kuno Square
22 July 2010
If you attempt to hike the Mist Trail up to Half-Dome, invest in some of the ski pole walking sticks. I made it to the top, but about half way there I was wishing I had some of those ski poles.
Enci Box
17 May 2010
Climb Half Dome while you're here. It's a beautiful day trip. Be sure to check the weather first. Don't want to be caught in a rainstorm or cold weather.
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