Salar de Uyuni

Reflections from Uyuni

Reflections from Uyuni is a Time-lapse short film that shows the intrinsic beauty of the sea salt of Uyuni and the province of Potosí in Bolivia.

The reflections produced by the water flooding in the rainy season, are the main protagonist Enrique Pacheco´s camera, who invites us to dream with impossible images from another world, where the sky meets the earth forming an infinite mirage.

The sea salt of Uyuni with over 10,000km2 is the largest in the world. It is located in the province of Potosi, Bolivia, near the Andes, at an altitude of 3.656m.

The Salar of Uyuni serves as a transport route through the Altiplano of Bolivia, but tourism has an increasingly more important role in the area.

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Salar de Uyuni

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